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Helping The Community

Keren Beth Protea is a foundation that was formed many years ago and is a registered Israeli not for profit, charitable organization. Its principal objective is to give financial support to elderly former South Africans living in Israel so that they too can live at Beth Protea. There is no State assistance, or subsidization for this and the Keren plays an important role in making Beth Protea available to those who cannot pay the arm’s length charges that it needs to maintain viability.

Keren Beth Protea helps with the greatest discretion, confidentiality and sensitivity, ensuring that each individual, whether subsidized or not, is treated equally, receives the same level of services, enjoys the same facilities and lives life to the fullest at Beth Protea.


Considering that the average period of residence exceeds five years, Keren Beth Protea has literally made hundreds of years of residency possible at Beth Protea for those requiring assistance. It has also provided emergency help in several extraordinary situations over the years.

The Keren also subsidizes Protea Home Care services for many senior citizens who live in their own homes and it has been privileged to have been able to vastly enhance the quality of life of these individuals.


Keren Beth Protea is constantly in need of donation income to maintain the support provided for our elderly community and all contributions are greatly appreciated. Please use our credit card donations link or contact our office for other payment options. We would also invite you to become involved as a volunteer and to partner with us in giving our elderly the care that they so deserve.

Join Us

If you would like to join our special family of “Friends of Beth Protea”, please contact:

Keren Beth Protea (Beth Protea Foundation)

Give A Gift With A Difference!!

Keren Beth Protea has beautiful Greeting Cards available to celebrate all occasions. By making a donation of your choice, you can show that “someone” special that you care, and at the same time, make a worthy contribution.

Call Marcele today and arrange to have a card sent on your behalf: