Why Beth Protea

We Speak English

Of-course, we are proudly Israeli, but we all speak English and all our activities are in English. Our residents originate from various English-speaking countries and our large staff all fully interact with the residents in English. This ensures that our residents receive all the care and support they need without the stress and concerns that would arise due to language barriers. Over the years, continuous feedback from residents and their families has left no doubt that Beth Protea is simply the best retirement home in Israel for English speakers.

Understanding & Advice

Making That Life Changing Decision

We have gained much experience at Beth Protea and fully understand that moving to a retirement home is a significant life event. Our management, social workers and medical staff have a deep insight into the medical, financial, and social complexities and we understand the adjustment process. We have the resources to help you to carefully consider this major life decision and we can provide or arrange for objective advice about appropriate financial structuring and alternative payment options.

These open discussions are extremely helpful and well received irrespective of the eventual decision. A great idea would be to consider a short-term trial period to experience first-hand the very many benefits that Beth Protea has to offer.

Excellent Facilities

We are extremely proud of the facilities and services we offer. Meals, medical support, cultural activities, and entertainment are of the highest quality and are provided in all the sections available at Beth Protea.

Outstanding, Experienced Staff

Beth Protea has outstanding staff.

They are truly its major asset and have put Beth Protea into a class of its own over the years. Many staff members have exceptionally long records of service. They are devoted to our residents, who they regard as family and they go way beyond the call of duty in providing exceptional care.